Greg Johnston Photography

GREG JOHNSTON, Photographer

Greg Johnston began his visual journey more than 30 years ago as one of a handful of globetrotting travel photographers. The Canadian born artist is known for his dynamic travel and lifestyle imagery. Primarily a location photographer, the Florida based shooter travels extensively photographing landscapes, marine life and travel destinations for a variety of national advertising, tourism and editorial clients.

From advertising to editorial, Greg’s quest for capturing the essence of some of the world's most exotic destinations has allowed him to work successfully in a wide range of disciplines – including travel, landscape, environmental and fine art. His quick wit and spontaneity, and easy-going manner allow for a generous dose of adventure that pours from his images.

Greg's photography has won many awards including "Travel Photographer of the Year.” A former contributing editor to Caribbean Travel & Life and Islands Magazine, led to a staff position as Travel Editor at World Publications.

Greg has published twelve destination books and produced numerous covers for travel books worldwide. His work including both assignment and stock have been featured in national and international advertising campaigns and has graced the pages of every major travel, adventure and scuba diving publication.